C. HS Stanhope to Kathleen, London, October 19, 1915

BCARS A1E Or3 St 21 TELEPHONE 3871 WESTERN 64,queen’s gate, s.w. Dear Miss O’Reilly Adel gave me your message about the brother. I wish I knew for certain where he was and I would write him a line direct myself but as things are would you give him many message from me & wish him all good luck & the chance of ? himself a chance which does’nt come to everyone. I expect he is a gloriously happy at the prospect of going out as you are gloriously ? but a life aloft is healthier than one in the trenches…...Continue reading

D. Chesterfield to Kathleen, London, June 3, 1915

BCARS A/E Or3 C42 [envelope postmarked:Chelsea s.w . 6 PM 3 Jun 15] Miss O’Reilly Blenham House Sandy June 3rd 26,EGERTON GARDENS, s.w. Dearest Kathleen I was just going to write to you today how glad I was you were coming to see me next week. You have let me down easy by first putting it off a few days & now putting it off [?] wh I dont like at all however you must do as you like & come when you will. How long does yr lady propose to keep you. I suppose you will come to me…...Continue reading

Adele Stanhope to Kathleen, London, [1915]

BCARS A1E Or3 St 21 TELEPHONE 3871 WESTERN 64,queen’ s qate, sw. Sunday Dear Miss O’Reilly. I am so sorry I missed you today [?] [?] [?] [?] the small boy’s house for much of the day. Both Charlie & s send you much sympathy I know which you will feel about your brother going off. God be with him. somehow I feel he is safer up in the air. Do propose yourself to lunch or tea one day. Lady Chesterfield is still in the North with Mrs.Davidson & I hope wont be back yet a while. She will [?]the…...Continue reading

H. Stanhope to Kathleen, London, July 27, 1912

BCARS A1E Or3 C421 94,PICCADILLY.W. 27 July 1912 Dear Miss O’Reilly I wrote to your brother Frank a short time ago about Mr . Laurence Earle. I wonder if you’ve seen him yet. I was staying with his people near Liverpool when we left England. Since then I have been having a bad time. The night before I left the Earles. I was seized with an acute attack in the shoulder – not so bad as usual as I was able to dress and go to the train – but on arrival in London I had to go to bed…...Continue reading

D. Chesterfield to Kathleen, January 19, 1912

BCARS A/E Or3 C42 (postcard postmarked Chelsea 12.15 AM JAN 20 12] Miss O’Reilly Hotel Metropole Northumberland Avenue [?] 26 Egerton Gardens Jan 19th I did hope to see you ere this. is yr cousin any better & are you starting soon. I hope not. Do tell me what you are doing & if you can come & dine someday next week what weather but it is milder. excuse card dear will you. kind regards to yr brother. always yours D.Chesterfield   This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only.…...Continue reading

D. Chesterfield to Kathleen, London, January 2, 1912

BCARS Add MSS 412 Box 6 File 4-10 JanY 2nd 1912 26,EGERTON GARDENS, S.W. Dearest Kathleen What ever must you think of me but when yr lovely basket of Lillies of the Valley came I had no idea where you were. Now I have yr address wh Harry gave me & ought to have written a day or two ago but simply could not then so dear one you must please forgive my apparent rudeness & ingratitude for such a lovely basket it has been a joy to me I assure you. & I have loved to see them &…...Continue reading

H.Stanhope to Kathleen September 16 (1911)

BCARS A1E Or3 C421 (envelope postmarked Banchory 12 PM Sep 16/11] Miss O’Reilly Hotel Metropole Northumberland Avenue London SW STATION & TELEGRAPH, BANCHORY 2 MILES. TELEPHONE, NATIONAL NO.4 BANCHORY . INCHMARLO, BANCHORY, N.B. 16 Sept. Dear Miss O’Reilly I arrived here last night & found your very kind present of a pair of soles which I have tried this morning, but find they go roving about too much. Its awfully kind of you to send for another pair. Thanks so much too for your letter. My neuritis arm was bothering all last week but yesterday seemed to have got tired…...Continue reading

H. Stanhope to Kathleen July 20 [1911

BCARS A1E Or3 C421 [envelope postmarked London.W. 3.30 PM July 20 11] Miss O’Reilly 14 Augusta Gardens Folkestone 26.Egerton Gardens SW. 20 July Dear Miss O’Reilly Thanks for yours. Please be firm when you are staying with Lady Seymour & say that you are engaged to dine at 26. or whatever night suits you. As you dont say which days you will be in town, please name your own, as my mother & I will be there all this week & I have no engagements. As you propose going to Mrs. Burroughes on the 29th, I suppose it will be…...Continue reading

H. Stanhope to Kathleen, London, June 26, 1911

BCARS AIE Or3 C421 [envelope postmarked Chelsea s.w. 12:15 AM 27 June] Miss O’Reilly Hotel Metropole Northumberland Avenue SW Burlingham Hall Norwich [written on letter faintly & on a slant] 26th June 1911 Posted Tuesday 12.15 am 26,Egerton Gardens, S.W. Monday Reported Met. 6.p.m. Midnight Monday recd Wed. morning Dear Miss O’Reilly I returned from the Naval Review yesterday having stayed for two nights on board the “Euryalus”. I called at the “Metropole” today and they told me you were still there. Would you be in any day this week if I came at tea time. Say Thursday? My mother…...Continue reading

H. Stanhope to Kathleen, London, October 29, [1907]

BCARS Add MSS 412 Box 6 File 4-10 26 EGERTON GARDENS s.w. 29th October Dear Miss O’Reilly Your letter was forwarded to me the other day in Scotland. I had, just before, been paying a visit to the Earles & I asked after Master Laurence. As far as I remember he never seems to have gone to Vancouver Island at all, but went straight on to some place on the C.P.R .from which he went to climb mountains & was driven back eventually by snowstorms. He did’nt stay at Banff, he said it seemed too civilised so perhaps he thought…...Continue reading

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