Kathleen to Peter, Victoria, June 30, 1879

Victoria Point Ellice June 30, 1879 My dear Papa I hope that you are quite well. Tomorrow being Dominion Day is a whole holiday but the day after – we begin examinations there are going to be a lot of prizes this year. I am going to try for Grammar & Scripture. There is a prize for each. Breaking up day is Saturday week, I am glad that you be here. The hay is all made we all worked at it on Saturday because Mama thought that it would rain & so we made it into three large ? Mama…...Continue reading

Kathleen to Peter, Victoria, September 27, 1877

(*1) Thursday September 27th My dear Papa We went to the Wards on Tuesday in the rain, and to-day Mrs. Ward came to see Mama, brought Cecil with her, and just as she was going Frank came into the room to say that Mrs. Ward’s horse had fit and could not be driven home. Mama wanted her to wait till Mr. Ellis came home but Mrs. Ward said that Mr. Ward would be frightend about her being out late so she left Cecil & walked home. Mr. Ellis took his cattle to be shod & that was why he was…...Continue reading

Frank to Peter, Victoria, September 24, 1877

(*1) Thursday, September 24 My dear papa, I hope you will give good sport, and get plenty of birds for Jack and me. Tuesday was Alice Ward’s birthday and we went in Mrs. Ward’s carrage which was sent over fore our use. The cellar is nearly finest I think on Tuesday seven men worked, seven men the next day, and to-day six. Mrs. Drake’s canary bird flew away to-day I dont know if she got it or not. The little chickens are going on very well. I got three eggs for three two days but yesterday I left the door…...Continue reading

Kathleen to Peter, Victoria, January 24, 1877

(*1) [Envelope] P. O’Reilly Esqre Victoria Vancouvers Island Thursday. Jan(ury) 24th My Dear Papa We have been to town today & Mama has been paying the bills & we met Uncle John in town & he said that he would come home with us, so Mama has Winters carrage to come home & at the further end of the bridge we saw a large waggon with four horses and a big iron safe & going all across the bridge Mama was afraid of the horses shying & just as we were passing off horse shyed & backed the carra[ge] &…...Continue reading

Peter to Caroline, New Westminster, December 15, 1876

15 December – Wedding anniversary [married in 1863](*1) New Westminster ….I have been very dreary…. I knew I should. Our lost darling is constantly before me – I cannot realize that I shall not be greeted on my return with her usual welcome and the sight of her dear sweet face. [signed Peter O’Reilly] __________________________ *1 2020 – These are probably transcriptionist notes on the letter. This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult…...Continue reading

Telegraphs to Peter from Point Ellice House, October 29–30, 1876

B.C. Telegraph received at Yale directed to T . O ‘Reilly. Sent from Victoria, October 29, 1976. (*1) Message reads: “Little one is no better, others well. Tell Mr. Dewdney. C. O ‘Reilly. B.C. Telegraph received at New Westminster, October 30, 1876. Sent from Victoria, 30 Oct., 1876. Message reads: “Very dangerously, no improvement today. J. S. Helmcken. ________________________ *1 2020 – This is likely a typing error by the original transcriptionist. The year should be 1876. This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been…...Continue reading

Caroline to Peter, October 29, 1876

Oct. 29 8:30 p.m. My beloved husband, Our darling is not better today and I try to think that I had made up my mind that she is to join the band of angel children that stand around the throne of God. Her suffering has been very great – poor, pathetic darling, the fancies in her head are so fearful that they bring her sick at the stomach. We keep ice [?] her head. This morning she had a very back attack and the pain was so bad that it affected her throat in some way and she could not…...Continue reading

Caroline to Peter, October 26, 1876

(*1) Thursday Oct. 26 My dear beloved husband, I have left writing to the last hoping that I might be able to tell you that our darling is better. I grieve to say I am not able to say so with any certainty. I am in so much anxiety that I feel difficulty to write with calmness. The Dr. seems to be uncertain as to what is the malady she is suffering from. The principle symptom now is [ ] she has severe fancies in the head and that she cannot bear any light in the room. Dr. H. [Helmcken]…...Continue reading

Peter to Caroline, 1876

[1876?] My dearest wife, Our darling has been easy all this evening but not better that we can see. Dr. Jenns [?] has kindly promised to come tonight so if you wish to stay with your dear mother do so – that is if you think it necessary… [tell] Frank at what hour I am to come for you this evening or tomorrow morning. Dr. Helmcken and Lim [?] are to come this evening. God bless you dearest and grant us some comfort in this our hour of need. This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription…...Continue reading

Peter to Caroline, 1876

Str Royal City Thursday 11 a.m. 1876 My dearest Carrie, I shall have a few minutes at Yale before starting for Boston Bar in which to scribble a few lines…. we have had a terrible passage and consequently time enough for thought — most of which has been on you and the dear chicks. it is a very great trouble to me that Frank is not learning – it is our greatest duty at present to forearm him — do dear one, devote at least one hour to him every morning, let him read 15 or 20 minutes in the…...Continue reading

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