Peter to H. Stanhope, August 30, 1892

Source Unknown Found in PEH Transcription Collection Copy of Letter to Capt. S 30th Aug. I write according to my promise to acknowledge and thank you for y[ou]r letters from Van: and Banff = do not, please, think that they have worried me, I am glad that you have written for under the circumstances we must all feel the greatest interest in you and like to learn all about you & your journey. By the bye I think you did well to change y[ou]r route, the line of the C.P.R. North of Lake Superior is dreary & far from interesting…...Continue reading

Frank to Kathleen, November 14, 1888

Thanks for                                                                                                         Louias de Lamora| Pouch & Colonists                                                                                   …...

Frank to Peter, Victoria, September 24, 1877

(*1) Thursday, September 24 My dear papa, I hope you will give good sport, and get plenty of birds for Jack and me. Tuesday was Alice Ward’s birthday and we went in Mrs. Ward’s carrage which was sent over fore our use. The cellar is nearly finest I think on Tuesday seven men worked, seven men the next day, and to-day six. Mrs. Drake’s canary bird flew away to-day I dont know if she got it or not. The little chickens are going on very well. I got three eggs for three two days but yesterday I left the door…...Continue reading

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