Charles Wentworth Wallace

Charles Wentworth Wallace, and Catherine Wallace
“Charles Wentworth Wallace, and Catherine Wallace.” Royal BC Museum & Archives, E-01484

1837 – 1891

Born into a prominent Halifax family, Charles married Catherine Work in 1861.  That same year, the couple moved to the small cottage recently build at Point Ellice on land gifted by Catherine’s father, John Work.  Charles owned a steamboat and in 1867 built a telegraph line between Victoria and Esquimalt at his own expense.  By November of that year he was bankrupt, forcing the family to depart from Point Ellice House to pay off debts.  Charles was on a business trip to San Francisco in 1869 when Catherine died.  Their surviving daughter was left to be raised by Catherine’s widowed mother, Josette Work.  Later, Charles married Emma Webster and had four children with her.


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