The House

Point Ellice House and Gardens

In the winter of 1867-68, Peter O’Reilly purchased the house and garden from Charles W. Wallace for $2,500. The oldest part of the house was built in 1861. As the family was growing and his means were improving, the O’Reilly’s periodically altered, added and enlarged significant sections of the house, thus creating the present asymetrical floor plan. The lastest additions dated from 1889. Pillared verandahs, bay windows, gables, mouldings and brackets under the eaves give the house features which are characteristic of an italianate villa.

The garden and grounds were also improved in Peter’s time. He constructed several outbuildings – barn/stables, cow shed, carriage house, greenhouse and boat house. The O’Reillys also boasted one of the best lawn tennis courts and croquet grounds in Victoria, when these sports were greatly indulged in by people of leisure in Victorian society.

Point Ellice House is now maintained as a museum containing period rooms of the O’Reilly’s original furnishings. The interior is arranged as the family would have done in the 1890’s and early 1900’s.

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