Special Events: FAQ

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions for Events Rental

Can I come and look at the room and/or area that I want to book?
Yes, just contact the Coordinator of Visitor Services at 250-380-6506 or email info@PointElliceHouse.com to make an appointment.

Please note that Point Ellice House operates seasonally, from May until the end of September. For the balance of the year, email and phone inquiries will be picked up and responded to several times a week.

How much notice do you need for private rentals?
We require 1 months’ notice for most bookings; a site-exclusive rental requires 3 months’ notice. See our section on SITE-EXCLUSIVE RENTALS below.

Are tables and chairs included in my rental?
In The Loft and in the Secret Tea and Vintage Shoppe, tables and chairs are included.

Rental of the Gorge-View Garden for groups of 50 or more requires the renter to arrange all furniture from an outside source. Groups of 50 or less may choose to use the existing wicker and/or iron furniture.

Am I responsible for the set up and the take down of my tables and chairs?
If the venue is less than 50 persons, there will be no charge for the furniture set up or take down.

Is the set up and take down time included in the rental cost?
The rental begins and ends with the time for your event, plus the extra set up/take down time. Consult with our Coordinator of Visitor Services who can advise you how much to allow for your particular needs. The set up/take down fee for The Loft and The Secret Tea and Vintage Shoppe is 1/2 the price of the hourly room rental. The set up/take down fee for the Gorge-View Lawn is based upon the amount of staff required @ $15.00 per staff member per hour.

What audio or visual equipment is available?
Other than WiFi capability in O’Reilly’s Restaurant, all audio & visual equipment needs to be supplied by the renter.

Is a damage deposit required for The Loft or for The Secret Tea and Vintage Shoppe?
The Damage/Cleaning deposit for The Loft or The Secret Tea and Vintage Shoppe is ½ of the rental time.

Can I bring in my own caterers?
Yes, you may bring your own caterers if they have pre-prepared food ready for serving.

Are all rooms and areas wheelchair accessible?
The Secret Tea and Vintage Shoppe and the Gorge-View Lawn are wheelchair accessible. The Loft is not wheel-chair accessible. The washroom in the Secret Tea and Vintage Shoppe is wheelchair accessible. The ferry dock for the Victoria Harbour Ferries’ is not wheelchair-accessible due to a long staircase to our lawn.

Is parking available?
Parking is available for only 14 cars and 1 handicapped spot. Street parking is very limited. Carpooling, taxi service or water taxi service is strongly advised for large events.

Can I have candles in the rented spaces?
Due to the heritage nature of our site, any candle arrangements must be approved by the Coordinator of Visitor Services.


If we want to rent the entire site, how much does it cost?
The cost of the entire site, including kitchen, is $2,500 per day. There are no 1/2 day rentals.

How early can we be there and how late can we stay?
Set up may start no earlier than 8:30 a.m. for Site-exclusive rental. City of Victoria noise by-laws state that 11:00 p.m. is the latest an event may operate. Please note that there is no external lighting on the Gorge-View Lawn and so events should be planned to be finished and the property cleaned and vacated by dusk.

Is there a charge for a wedding rehearsal?
If you reserve your rehearsal during a working day, when there are other guests on the property, there will be no charge. If you wish to reserve a time for the rehearsal after our normal working hours, the charge will be $50.00 for a one-hour rehearsal.

Is there a Damage Deposit required? When do I have to pay?
Yes, a $500.00 Damage/Cleaning Deposit is required at the time of booking. It is refundable after inspection to ensure the site is left in good condition. Please note: Absolutely no confetti or rice may be thrown on the property.

Are there any other deposits?
Yes, upon signing a Rental Agreement, 25% of the total cost is required as a Security Deposit. This is non-refundable.

Am I required to obtain liability insurance for my event?
Dependent upon the size and location of your event, this could be a requirement of Point Ellice House. Contact our Coordinator of Visitor Services for detailed information.