Our Board

Point Ellice House Museum & Gardens is operated on behalf of the Province of British Columbia by the Vancouver Island Local History Society (VILHS), a non-profit and charitable society dedicated to the promotion and support of local history initiatives. A board of directors oversees governance of the society.


  • To promote, encourage, and engage the study of local and regional history within the communities of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.
  • To develop and support local history initiatives that take a critical and exploratory approach to Indigenous and non-Indigenous relations.
  • To develop and support projects that are inclusive, diverse, and representative of communities in the past and present.
  • To act as a facilitator of local efforts that build relationships between organizations and communities and situate history as a foundational or key element


We feel that Point Ellice House is an ideal site for local history to be exhibited, discussed, and researched. We believe that Point Ellice House reflects the history of BC and can serve as Victoria’s museum – a site for encountering stories about the communities around us.

We believe that public history plays a vital role in truth and reconciliation. Point Ellice House is deeply enmeshed with the colonial history of Victoria and British Columbia and we will work with First Nations and Indigenous-serving organizations to develop educational opportunities and dialogue regarding the history and legacy of colonization.

We value the location of Point Ellice House within the Rock Bay and Burnside Gorge neighbourhoods. We believe that building relationships and partnerships with our diverse neighbours will serve the future of this rapidly changing area.

Board Members

President:Dr. Misao Dean
Vice President:Aimee Greenaway
TreasurerCameron Gray
SecretaryShannon Close
Director at LargeDr. Yasmin Amaratunga
Director at LargeDr. Richard Pickard
Director at LargeCarey Nickerson