Peter to Caroline, Victoria, December 29, 1888 No 31.

29th Decr. 1888

My dearest Wife.

I am a little uncertain whether I finished my last on Xmas day, or on Xmas eve – however I dined at Fairfield on 25th & spent a very dull evening – perhaps it was my own fault. I cant get up a Christmas feeling. The Pinder family were there in force, & Mr & Mrs Hammond & child. I certainly did not enjoy myself & I am afraid I did not add much to that of others. On my way home, at 11 O.C. when passing by the Jacksons, I heard the sound of voices, I went & remained about an hour Sir M.B.B. the Wards, Beanlands & Coombs were there. I hope my dear ones were happy together. My thoughts were very much with you all, & dear Frank so far away. Though Xmas was no Xmas to me I must not omit to tell you what a very pleasant surprise I had by the receipt of a letters from you with enclosures from Jack, Frank, & Nutty. I had also a short note from Grace enclosing a card. Dear Kits letter arrived some days before, & though she does not say so, I will accept it as her Xmas greeting – it is a very nice production. I hope she will write again very soon, & tell me about her rides, &c.

Before referring to your letter, I will tell you of my doings since Xmas. On Wednesday there was an entertainment on board the H.S.M. HMS. Easpiegle[?] to which Capt Wyndham went – the Earl & I dined alone, & had a very pleasant chat. I intended to ask some on to dinner, but he begged me not to do so. On Thursday they packed up & took rooms at the club intending to devote all their time to preparing for the proposed start on Monday. I dined with them that night also M.B.B. Macdonald, Senator, the two Vernons & Willy Pinder. On that day, Thursday, with M.B.B. I acted as Judge of Dogs at the Dog & Poultry show.

Saturday – 29th Decr.

Yesterday his Lordship paid me a long visit at the office – evidently in trouble his son has had a slight relapse & the Drs say he cannot be moved on Monday – this is very disappointing, as Van Horns private Car is in route to meet them on Tuesday at Vancouver, & all other arrangements are made.

So they are booked for at least a week. So He asked me if I would take him back for a few days, of course I said I would be delighted. Last night Willy enter & Annie entertained him at dinner afterwards he returned with me to Pt Ellice. Capt Wyndham preferred to remain at the Club, which suits me very well. I dont know how the young man is today I may be able to tell you before I close. I write all this as you will like to know as much as others. He Ld L. is very nice, & is so easily pleased with everything. I am anxious to learn what you think of my having him here at all. Private – John & Zoe are, I think, annoyed with Willy. he told them he had no room in his house to entertain, & now they find the house was large enough to hold besides Ld L. Capt. Clark R.E. the two Miss Dunsmuirs, & Mr Gamble, who used to be in Joes Office – John has asked his Lordship to dine on Monday 31st and Zoe says she wont have either Willy or his wife. All this twaddle will amuse you, & Kit.

I have not written to Joe but once to Joe since he left B.C. latterly I have been writing to learn if he has been to you, all that he should be, since I will write to him tonight. Your description of the hunt is very amusing. I can well imagine the whole performance, poor Joe what a life he leads? I am very glad Kit had an opportunity of seeing the hounds throw off – there was a time with the prospect of such an event would keep me awake for half the night. She, Kit, should ride whenver she can. I am very glad, that even at the eleventh hour, she is to have some lessons in music, & that Jack is to have a tutor during the holiday, he will have no reason to regret having made this determination, if he will but apply himself with a will. I hope you will try to arrange something about his holidays when you are away – it would be a great thing to accomplish this, that we may know before hand where he is. I wish he would write more frequently and tell us more about himself. I have not received a line from since the 1st Nov. – written about the first week in Oct, but without a date. When at Uppingham the last time, he made a solemn promise that he would write regularly – this is a queer way he has got of keeping it. I should be more disappointed if you had not enclosed his letter to you. I am glad to find from it that he was so well; tell him there are two words badly spelled. Blue grey he writes Blew gray. His letter is very amusing & very characteristic of the rascal. I do hope he has been working, & that I shall receive a very good report before many days.

I congratulate you on having asked had Nutty to stay with you & I do hope you wont have any disagreeable with the Queen also that you will be friendly with the Wards by the way I gave him Mr. W. two small parcels containg icktas[?] for Frank, & Jack. You dont mention having recd them?

It was very nice of Sir Michael to send you the wrap. he has always been nice, I have neglected him of late, but must write to him before long. I have heard from him again, just in the same friendly way he always writes. Dont neglect Mr. Hughes, he also has always been very nice, & most anxious to oblige, & we shall always need his services in the future both for Frank & Jack. I shall be very curious to know how you get on with the Wind. I fear she will a trial to you at the last & particularly so when the dear man is with you. I feel grateful to the Days for being so nice to you

===== Your letters come very regularly once a week but you say you write twice, how is this? — I watch for them with a great longing, & they, dear one, never disappoints me, but Kit is very chary[?] with her paper.

The Creases had a dance a few nights since. Mrs. J.D. Pemberton will be at Home on the 2nd & Mr. Grahame on the 10th I have been invited, but wont of course go. The Local parliament opens 31st Jany. Dewdney has not said anything of late about my going to Ottawa. When I know you are coming, I will, you be sure, manage to meet you somewhere. My love to Joe & Julia the Wind, the Wards. Sir M & Lady S. &c &c. And a great deal to our dear ones who are with you – for yourself you have always had a large share. May God Bless you all

Always your devoted husband.

P. O’Reilly

Lord Listowel has just come home, & says his son is so much better today, that the Drs say he may start for England on Monday 31st inst. I cant help thinking it is rather too soon but the Drs know best. Dr. Fitzgerald accompanies the party


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