Peter to Caroline, Ashcroft BC, August 11, 1892

Add MSS 412 Box 1 File 18

No. 3
11th Augst. 1892

My dearest Carry

Soon after Sir M. left for the Martleys yesterday, Steve Fingles [?] drove me here where I propose to remain till tomorrow morning when I start for Quesnelle.

Just before Sir M. left, he received a telegram from Mr. Cochrane the husband of Lady Adela to sat that young Mauners, I believe is the name had accepted the offer to accompany him on his shoot, & that he would arrive here Saturday or Sunday, & would join him at Lillooet on Monday. I am glad he will have a companion, & hope they will have good sport.

Sir M. told me that Mr. Stanhope had been promoted, he will, I suppose, soon leave for England, remember me to him & give him my congratulations.

I was terribly shocked to find Henry Cornwall so very ill. I spent a couple of hours by his bed side but could hardly understand what he said. The Doctor from Kamloops was here a few days since – he told them there was no hope of his recovery – that softning of the Spinal Cord had commenced & that all that can be done to allay the pain as much as possible he has been taking opiates now he is to have morphine injected into his arms & legs. He knew me perfectly and appeared anxious to speak but could not say much.

I want you to send a few things up by Saturday night boat, addressed to Mrs. H. P. Cornwall Ashcroft. You can get them at either H. B. Co or at Saunders, either would attend to your order & have the things shipped without [?] to you – If they are sent off on Saturday they would reach Ashcroft station Monday morning, & here before morn. _______ Jelly in bottle 4 or 6 according to size – 3 or 4 small pots apricot jam, 2 bot. lime juice cordial small a couple tins arrowroot biscuits, 1 box Christies wine buiscuits, 1 bot. Henessy brandy, ½ doz claret X

[written vertically on page]

X send any other little thing you can think of they are at their wits end to get an something he likes. Let the expense be paid, the HBCo or Saunders will arrange all this

you had better write Mrs. Cornwall a line she is in great trouble

I was to have returned to the station Hotel tonight, but Clement & Mrs. Cornwall insist on my remaining & will send me to intercept the stage 4 miles from here, at 8 am. I hope to have letters from you tomorrow & may that they may contain good news of you all. I had something to say to you but cannot now remember what is was.

I told Mrs. C. that our Kit thought of coming with me to pay her a short visit. she is awfully put out that she did not come. Carry C. is out camping with the Fosters – they expect her to return to Clinton on Saturday next – she does not know when to expect Carry to Ashcroft.

I hope you will all enjoy yourselves – that Jack will settle down & work with a will – he will make a very great mistake should he put off commencing to regular work.

My best love to you the dear Kit & to Jack.

Your devoted husband

P. O’Reilly

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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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