D. Chesterfield to Kathleen, London, January 27, 1920

AE Or3 C421

26 Egerton Gardens
January 27th

Darling Kathleen

I must write you a few lines to tell you something of us all & that I continue to miss you very much you dear sweet thing. I do hope all is going well with you & that Mary keeps well also the business part I do trust is going satisfactorily I do hope for I believe you had much to do. I hope you will tell me a lot next time you write will be soon [?] I am just the same as ever always in this old chair but I am supposed to look very well! & I sit now near the fire it is better every way nearer the window & one sees anyone coming in at the door. You have no idea what a lot of people have gone or are going to the Reviera. Mrs . Berke Hay is there Kitty Mackenzie , Fanny [?] Murray s. Sutherland & Sister going on Tuesday & lots more & on Tuesday Adele Stanhope is going to Cap d’Ail she has not been at all well simply worn out with all the work she has done for some years & the strain of it all with having to go constantly to her poor boy & we want her to go away for _a few weeks from it all. she is better than she was. Hatty is going to stay at Queen’s Gate whilst she is away in fact is there now. My maid has been awfully ill internal homerrhage & nearly died one day. but she has recovered in a wonderful way & came back yesterday from her change of air quite well again. Harry seems all right barring the poor toes & hands bother him in this wet weather. it has been awful such constant rain in deluges & so changeable too in the winds such storms & then quiet & fogs . No snow in London at all it is curious & I scarcely think any will · come now. How delightful the warm welcome you have all reed . I dont wonder at it but it is delightful all the same & you are sure to have made the place look lovely again. How is dear old Jack. I hope quite well & his Mary too keeping all right be sure to tell me whenever the event comes off. I shall be so interested to hear & hope she is keeping very well now. Two such exquisite plants have just come in from a dear friend a pink azalia one sheet of flower & another of lilies how kind people are to me my heart is often very full. & you darling used to be so dear & kind bless you. Do you remember that Mrs. Worthington at [?] she had the most awful accident a bottle of some horrible stuff burst in her hand & the fumes went up in her face & burnt it most terribly – they hoped it might improve but I have not heard lately. Poor Mrs. Mackenzie is at Mentone & has been rather ill her companion has left her & she said she wished she cd have you but that wd never have done poor dear. My darlin I must stop God bless you & keep you in His great love. How I w love to see you.

yr ever loving

D. Chesterfield

love to Jack & Mary


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This collection of letters has been digitized from an earlier transcription project and is for informational purposes only. This transcription has not been verified against the originals. Researchers interested in these letters should consult the original documents housed at the BC Archives.

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