D. Chesterfield to Kathleen, London, February 20, 1901

Add MSS 412
Box 6 Files 4-10

26, Egerton Gardens
Feby.20th 1901


I have been longing for a letter. I have waited to know you had got home before I wrote but now I must send you a few lines. Well as I expected the disappt came. Harry took it all so well but it was very very hard and I was wretched for him but it was not to be I do believe God orders everything for the best.

& I am sure some day we shall see it was so. He has applied for a Coast Guard of some appt there is nothing vacant just now that wd do but towards autumn I fancy there will be something. yr letter from steamer was too sweet darling. Yes I do love you dearly & do not like to think of yr feeling so lonely. I am sure that will be worse at home however for both you & yr Father at first. I think of you very often [?] & I grieved when you went away. do give yr Father my love too. I was very glad of his!! & I so wish you both many many happy years. God blessing you. I hope you found the brothers well. how glad they would be to have back again and did it all look -bright & pretty for you but you will write soon. We have gone through so much since you left as individuals & as a nation our beloved Queen taken from us. I was sad to have her go & you can have no idea what the sadness was & the gloom & now even every church every room in the streets every one in black. The funeral procession was too beautiful & too touching for words. a most wonderful sight. all the troops & then the brightness of the coffin itself & the Royal people tr following in beautiful uniforms the King, the Kaiser, Duke of [?] riding almost alone as chief mourners – the splendid trappings of the horses drawing the gun carriage & the servants such wonderful liveries as it came near where I was a beam of light came out & lighted on it all . it was beautiful & the hushed people, their sad faces, marvellous. Then we have had the opening of Parliament, a lovely sight all the Peers in their red robes & the ladies in black & diamonds made such a pretty framework to the red Queen perfectly lovely & he certainly looks now every inch a King. he reminded me so driving once or twice of the pictures of Henry 8th! ! It is possible I may go to Cannes & on to Nice to pay visits in a week or 10 days but I dent feel a bit sure about it! My sisters went off to Cannes yesterday. it is very cold from 2 o’clock yesterday it was pitch dark like night a most curious effect altogether for it was darkness more than fog. well darling write me very soon wont you?

always yr very affecte

D. Chesterfield

I have never heard anything of yr sable neck string. Did you say they were to send it here? my muff I hope will be ·pretty there seemed a little difficulty in making it.


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