December at Point Ellice House

Dr. Kelly Black, Executive Director Historically, December was a time of celebration at Point Ellice House. For the O’Reilly family, it was December of 1867 when they moved into the house on Pleasant Street. December also brought the anniversary of Peter and Caroline O’Reilly’s marriage (December 15th, 1863), and the birth of their daughter, Kathleen (December 31st, 1867). Sadly, Caroline O’Reilly passed away on December 23rd, 1899. The O’Reillys often spent Christmas day calling on neighbours and family around the city. Many Christmas dinners were held at Fairfield, Joseph and Julia Trutch’s residence (located today at 601 Trutch Street). The…...Continue reading

The Search for Caroline O’Reilly’s Grave

Guest post by Tim Fitzthum, Point Ellice House Volunteer Interpreter Visitors to Point Ellice House Museum & Gardens are sometimes inspired to share their knowledge, stories, and photographs relating to Point Ellice House or other aspects of local history. This shared knowledge adds to our understanding of local history and reveals aspects of the Point Ellice House story that have been lost to us through time. We value these contributions and encourage others to share their knowledge. One recent contribution comes from Tom Osaki who wrote an account of the death of Caroline O’Reilly and the reason for her grave…...Continue reading

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