Call for Volunteers

Volunteer at Point Ellice House, an historic house situated along the beautiful Gorge Waterway, which was occupied by the O’Reilly family for three generations over a span of 105 years.

With the Tea House, Secret Vintage Shoppe and Heritage House coming open on February 10, and to help accommodate more open hours later in the spring and summer, Point Ellice House is in need for more volunteers for a variety of positions:

  1.  Tour Guides — we need Tour Guides to take you through the everyday life of the O’Reillys and show off one of the largest collection of Victoriana in North America still situated in it’s original setting.
  2. Gardeners — Become part of the group of Gardeners, under the care and training of a Head Gardener, keeping the grounds in the way it was in the 1800’s.
  3. Tea Assistant — Become a Tea Assistant in the Secret Tea and Vintage Shoppe.
You will be trained, supported and above all, appreciated.
If you have a love of history or just wish to be involved, come join our team by calling 250-380-6506 or e-mail